6 Best Cars To Consider for Business Travel

6 Best Cars To Consider for Business Travel

When booking Massachusetts corporate transport, you’ll consider each service from all angles. You need someone in the driver’s seat to set the standard for punctuality, professionalism, and safety. You want a vehicle that makes a statement while putting passenger comfort at the forefront of your experience. You will put as much effort into selecting the perfect transportation as your first impressions. You want the best car for business travel that you can get. 

With so many options available, selecting the winning car might be challenging. Below, you’ll find diverse options designed to fit your business needs.

BMW 5 Series

If your corporate travel includes a smaller group of people, consider booking a BMW 5. This midsize sedan presents a clean, executive appearance that is second to none. Its excellent safety features have passed all IIHS crash tests with flying colors, so you can rest assured of arriving in one piece.

The BMW 5’s neat, compact cab seats up to three passengers. It can also accommodate up to three bags of luggage. You and your associates will appreciate the onboard Wi-Fi when you need to close last-minute tasks. A BMW 5 presents a well-rounded impression during any business travel.

Cadillac XTS

The Cadillac XTS is another excellent option for a luxury sedan. Like the BMW 5 Series, it seats up to three passengers and accommodates their luggage comfortably. It also features free Wi-Fi for your convenience, so you can wisely use your commutes to meet deadlines and handle other important items.

You will enjoy generous passenger space as far as sedans go. Plus, the heated seats will ensure your comfort during cold Massachusetts winters. The smart, clean appearance of the exterior hits just the right notes of style and discernment.

Chevrolet Suburban

Do you need a bigger car for business travel? Perhaps you have a couple more people to fit on your corporate journey. The Chevrolet Suburban has you covered. Don’t let this SUV fool you; it smoothly handles highway driving. You don’t have to worry about spilling your coffee or dropping your laptop at any point during your business travels.

It also features pedestrian detection and parking cameras to minimize accidental occurrences. The Chevrolet Suburban is one of the most coveted business SUVs available. Arriving at your destination in a Suburban demonstrates that you play it smart and safe. Your corporate associates will get the message that you’re reliable and work hard.

Lincoln Navigator

Nothing says professional like the Lincoln Navigator. This premium SUV offers plenty of leg space, charging stations for mobile devices, and free Wi-Fi when requested. If your group stays on the go during business travel, you won’t find a better fit.

The Lincoln Navigator shows your associates that you keep a team of seasoned go-getters. Its polished appearance still maintains an aura of minimalism without sacrificing luxury. It’s the perfect match if you want the best for your crew.


The BMW X7 will make a statement with its modern features and classic appearance. Like other premium SUVs, it features charging ports, Wi-Fi, and a host of fantastic safety features. Merino leather upholsters the interior for luxury you can feel at every turn.

Since the X7 is the biggest SUV in BMW’s collection, it ensures passengers’ continued comfort. Despite its size, it also boasts decent fuel efficiency, which keeps you from making frequent stops during longer trips. Its stylish appearance makes a bold, fearless statement.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

If you need to catch a business conference with a larger group of associates, our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van offers an economical and comfortable option. It can fit up to 14 passengers and accommodate their luggage, all while providing necessary modern amenities. You’ll find no better option for a large group you want to keep together.

Sprinter vans fit large groups of people and offer free Wi-Fi to keep everyone’s communication going during the commute. The comfortable cab features temperature control that keeps the atmosphere from getting too hot or cold. Its sleek, shiny exterior is what you expect from Mercedes-Benz.

Travel for Business in Class

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